Sunday, April 4, 2010

2 Days at Epcot - 10 different snacks/meals

Epcot Center is a must see if you ever go to Disney World. Not only are there innovative rides that you can't find anywhere else, you can go around the world in a few hours! Countries that are feature in the Epcot theme park are Canada, America, China, Germany, France, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Norway and the United Kingdom. Each country features the country's special dishes, drinks and desserts. You can't go hungry while you're there. The most unique dishes that my sister and I tried came from Morocco, Germany and France.

Some of the dishes we had were:
- Three stuffed pitas at Morocco with hummus and tzatiki sauce. The pitas were stuffed with chicken, gyros and falafels.
- I had a glass of wine in France. It was a half merlot and cabernet savignon. Very good! If you want to try wines from three different countries, you can by a flight card and try 2 ounces in France, Italy and Germany (although you should try the beer there.)
- A cheese plate and chocolate cake in France. The three cheeses we tried (with baguette) were brie, soft cheddar and a cheese that I cannot identify. It was very firm, white and sweet. I wasn't a big fan of that one but it was interesting.
- In Japan we had beef sukiyaki rolls which were really yummy. I've never seen anything like it here in California. It would be a great alternative to California rolls (which is the only roll I really eat since I don't eat raw fish).
- We shopped inside the Japanese candy/snack/sake store and found many of the items that we can buy at Mitsuwa or any local Japanese market. We ended up buying this

because it's one of our favorite childhood candies.
- For dinner one night, my sister and I wanted to eat two different things. She wanted to try a German bratwurst and I wanted a turkey leg (what's Disney without a turkey leg?). She came back with the bratwurst and sauerkraut (bleh...) and German cherry crumble pie. It was so good! Very moist with a nice and crunchy crumble top. The bratwurst was also very different from what I usually buy in the local markets here. I think I prefer the American version of the bratwurst. My turkey leg was mediocre. Salty as usual and too big to eat. It was funny while I was standing in line hearing the adults talking about "America's Pavilion". All America had to offer was turkey leg, popcorn, funnel cake and beer. The main attraction wasn't even that exciting! It was a video about the presidents (I love history but I'm at a theme park- not a museum!).
- We had a handful of chocolates from France which had different flavors. Some were hard candy and others were 70% cacao chocolates.
- We had tea in the UK from Twinings (one of the largest tea manufacturers). I love tea so it was nice to see all the different tea pots and tea flavors in the store.

Not only was the food great, but the people were really nice too. When you visit each country, you will see workers who are natives of those countries. They kind of create a feeling that you are visiting somewhere outside of the US.

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