Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Lazy,

This is a new year. With a new year usually comes the new years resolutions. So cliche but much needed. Here are your goals:

- Blog more
- Bake more
- Cook more for yourself
- Enjoy your final months in San Diego with friends
- Enjoy your new home with your fabulous boyfriend, family and friends (who will hopefully realize that San Diego is only a hop skip and a jump away)
- Stop and smell the roses.
- Stop and dance when you feel like it
- Run a 5k and become more active (closely getting there with my Lethal Legs class)

Remember, you can do it.

Your new and improved lazy self ;)


  1. You are sooo NOT Lazy! But good goals ;)

  2. haha love the name of that class! I think I need to take one of those. Great resolutions Cindy! I know you'll knock them out.