Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How many soups? I've lost track!

Mmm, I love soup! I know it's summer so why do I continue to make soup? First, it's because the weather makes me think I'm in the middle of October/sometime borderline winter. Secondly, it's because I'm still trying to reach my goal of 100 soups by the end of this year (December is only a few months away). So far, I believe I've made about 20 soups... This is based on my terrible memory of such things. While some of these recipes have been blogged, some are still in the process of being blogged/made. Although there are a bazillion recipes online that I could be following, there are many things to consider:

1. Are the ingredients within my budget?
2. Is it healthy?
3. Is it worth the time?

While I ponder such questions when looking at a recipe, I've been waiting to find a really great soup book that will answer all the above with YES! Why just one book? Because it will be an easy one stop shop. Also, I'm trying to challenge myself like Julie Powell did with Julia Childs' "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and cook every single recipe in one book. I think I've found the BOOK that will allow me to cook everything in it! Well I didn't find it but my awesome friend Ben did :). He gave me this

50 vegetarian soup recipes that all sound so scrumptious!!! I can't wait to crack into it this weekend. THANKS Ben!!! Get ready for some more soup recipes to come up soon :)

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  1. ooo I want to hear more about this when you have the time!