Monday, May 3, 2010

My Garden!

The weather is getting better and better in San Diego and what's a better way to spend time in the sun (aside from the beach) than to tend to a garden :D. I've really been into different herbs like cilantro and basil and decided that since I buy so much of it in stores, why not plant my own? It seems simple enough for me to manage on my own. On average, I spend about $2.00 a week on a bunch of cilantro and basil that goes bad quickly in the refrigerator; why not invest in a plant that is less than $5.00 and will last me almost forever?

I went to Whole Foods and bought my first two plants: a basil and cilantro pot. The cilantro went kaput in a week probably because I didn't pinch the leaves off correctly and because I allowed the plant to become dry (the entire root came out!). The basil is still working hard to survive - the fluctuation in weather has not been good to it at all since it's been getting too cold and hot every other day. Other than that, it's hanging in there. :D I transfered it to a bigger pot so that it would have more room to grow out its roots. Just so you know, you should always re-pot your plant so that it stretch out its roots and breathe a little. As someone once told me, you need to let your plant "root" for you. Hehe it's cheesy but cute and true!

There are many household items you can use to re-pot your tiny store bought plant.

* Remember to always drill the bottom of the new pot so that water can escape at the bottom.
1.) Milk carton - cut off the top and there you go.
2.) Tea pot - yes, I've seen this and it's cute!
3.) Tin can - big or small - it's doable.
4.) Clam shell salad box - I'm currently growing mixed herbs in my clamshell. I found this great idea from Craftzine.

Here are a few photos from my tiny garden.

Bell pepper plant from Fallbrook, CA (caution: when growing bell peppers, you must have a lot of room. A 5 gallon pot is needed)

*It's gotten about an inch taller since I took this picture :)

Mixed Herbs: Basil, cilantro and other herbs are in the works.

Basil plant: This is so yummy in omelettes, pasta, pizza and great for making a large batch of pesto.

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